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Do you have a team that could benefit from learning more about proper fueling? I can provide team education sessions on a variety of sports nutrition topics to teams, training groups, gym members, or any other group of athletes.


Having a positive and healthy team environment when it comes to fueling is absolutely key for the health and well-being of athletes. The more the athletes that understand the importance of proper fueling, the more they can hold each other accountable to take care of their bodies so they can have a long and healthy career in sport. Team nutrition education can be tailored to fit your team's needs, and can include:

  • A one-time virtual presentation covering sports nutrition basics

  • A series of several virtual presentations covering topics relevant to you and your team

  • Live, virtual Q&A sessions with me

  • Handouts for athletes, parents, and coaches summarizing what we discussed

What Topics Do We Cover?

Every team is different so we can work together to determine the best fit for you, but topics that I have presented on in the past include:

  • Sports nutrition 101

  • Micronutrients for specific athletes

  • What is RED-S and how to avoid it

  • Female athlete specific fueling

  • Fueling for training, races, and travel

  • How to fuel when returning from an injury

  • Navigating fueling in the dorms, on campus, or while eating out

  • Hydration

  • Fueling throughout different phases of training and competition

Who are Team Nutrition Education Sessions For?

I have given team education sessions to a wide variety of programs and teams, including:

  • NCAA teams

  • High school teams

  • Professional teams

  • Parents of athletes

  • High school coaches

  • Athletic clubs and organizations

What Can I Expect From the Session?

We will work together to create a unique and personalized presentation or series of presentations for your team, which I will then give virtually or in-person (depending on location) to your team. You will also receive a single page handout summarizing important information covered in the session. Teams that have utilized my team nutrition education sessions have reported:

  • Improved team mentality around fueling and food

  • Lower injury rates throughout the season, including one NCAA team that had no stress fractures for an entire cross country season for the first time ever

  • Improved energy, recovery, and performance from your athletes

  • Happy, healthy athletes who can have a long career in their sport!

Interested in developing a team nutrition education session for your team? Schedule a free exploratory call today!

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