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How do I know which program is the best fit for me?

Group coaching is for you if:

  • You are a high school or college runner

  • You want to learn more about different topics of nutrition such as how to build a performance plate, fueling around training, how to know if you're fueling well enough, and more!

  • You are looking for a lower cost option to 1:1 coaching

1:1 Coaching is for you if:

  • You are a high school, college, post-collegiate, elite, sub-elite, or any other level of endurance athlete

  • You would like to develop a personalized fueling plan and schedule

  • You struggle with thoughts/emotions around food and feel like you will need more support

  • You have been dealing with health issues that are impacting your ability to train or compete

Do you offer lab testing?

Yes! Comprehensive lab testing is included in my Health & Performance Essentials 1:1 nutrition coaching programs. The tests I chose to run are based off of your symptoms, and may include any or all of the following:

  • Comprehensive blood work - we will look at blood cell health, thyroid function, micronutrient status, metabolic markers, and more

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) - uses a small hair sample to analyze mineral status, which can give us a picture of adrenal function, thyroid health, metabolism, cellular health, blood sugar control, and more

  • GIMAP - a stool test used to look at gut health, including potential harmful bacterial overgrowth, inadequate good gut bacteria, digestive enzyme insufficiency, gut permeability, and more

  • DUTCH test - a urine analysis of hormone levels throughout the day and through the menstrual cycle

What forms of payment do you take? Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, I am not be able to accept insurance. Invoices are created and paid through the client portal, and I can accept credit, debit, and in some cases HSA or FSA card.

I'm not an endurance athlete, will you still work with me?

Definitely, you don't have to be an endurance athlete to work with me! I have worked with team sport athletes and active individuals, and can help anyone from an elite athlete to a weekend warrior looking to make some dietary changes. I do specialize in sports performance nutrition, so if you are looking for support with a clinical condition or weight loss, we may not be a good fit. 

Do you work with athletes who have eating disorders?

I am unable to work with athletes who are currently undergoing in-patient or out-patient eating disorder treatment. I can work with athletes who are clinically stable, athletes who are medically considered recovered from their eating disorder but still struggle with their relationship with food, and athletes who struggle with disordered eating or other sub-clinical conditions.

I am a parent and want my athlete to work with you but they aren't interested, will you meet with me?

It's very important to me to work with athletes who WANT to work together. I have found that if an athlete is not ready to work with me, they will not get much out of the program. I know parents are well meaning and just want the best for their athletes, but sometimes the pressure put on them to fuel a certain way makes the athlete more resistant to change. The athlete I'm working with must agree to work with me themselves, and must be present for ALL calls.

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