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Hi! My name is Maddie, I'm a Colorado native and a Registered Dietitian (RD) specializing in sports nutrition for endurance athletes. My ideal client is someone who is looking to improve their relationship with food while learning more about proper fueling in order to reach their maximum potential in sport and in life!


I have had a unique journey as an athlete from an average high school runner, to a NCAA D1 All-American, to a USA Olympic Trials finalist. My experience with learning how to fuel properly has allowed me to have a long and successful career in sport! Read on to learn more about my story as an athlete and a dietitian.

Maddie's PR's and Progressions:

  • 1500m: 4:53 (2013) -> 4:13 (2020)

  • 5k: 18:59 (2011) -> 15:19 (2021)

  • 10k: 34:59 (2017) -> 32:01 (2022)

  • Half marathon: 71:31 (2022)


I started running junior year of high school, and although I fell in love with the sport I was not a standout runner. I decided to walk-on to the University of Colorado track/xc team, where I began as the slowest one on team. By my 5th year, I was able to bring my 1500m PR down from a 4:53 to a 4:14, becoming an All-American and placing 12th at NCAA's.

Most of my improvements occurred after I began working with a registered dietitian myself. She helped me understand the importance of fueling properly, and how that looks different for different athletes. I experienced fewer injuries, while also being able to train harder and recover better. This consistency really allowed me to excel, and inspired me to pursue a career in nutrition to help other athletes learn about the power of proper fueling.

After my time at CU, I went on to get my Master's of Nutritional Sciences from San Diego State University. While in San Diego, I worked at the United States Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista where I helped the Team USA dietitians fuel athletes competing in a wide variety of sports. 

Following graduate school, I went on to Lipscomb University in Nashville to complete the 1200 hours of supervised practice required to become a registered dietitian. Here, I specialized in sports nutrition and worked specifically with the track/xc team to provide nutrition education and support to the athletes. 

Throughout these experiences, I continued training at a high level and competing in elite races. Managing a very busy school and work schedule while training was challenging, but I was able to learn how to manage proper fueling with the limited time that I had.


I started Fueling Forward in order to give myself the opportunity to pursue two passions at once: running and sports nutrition. Being in private practice not only allows me to work with other endurance athletes, but also gives me the flexibility to train at a high level. I train with Team Boss in Boulder, CO and recently competed in the 5k at the 2020 US Olympic Trials where I made the final and placed 12th overall.

My favorite part of my job is getting to see other athletes achieve new levels of success once we start working together. I love helping athletes break free of food rules and learn what proper fueling means for them, all while navigating different phases of training and racing. I know what you're going through as an athlete because I've been there! Being able to relate to my clients on that level is something very special, and I really enjoying learning about each athlete's journey. I know from my own journey that anything is possible if you take care of your body!


-Maddie Alm MS, RD

Interested in working together to take your performance to the next level? Check out the services Fueling Forward has to offer!

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