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Do you have a big race coming up that you aren't sure how to fuel for? Take the guessing out of it by working with me to develop a science backed, easy to execute race day fueling plan so you can feel confident on the start line!


Race day is when all of your hard work is going to be put to the test. You don't want to cancel out all of the hard work you've done by not planning out your fueling strategy! This one-time intensive call with I will help give you the confidence of knowing you've done everything to set yourself up for success when it matters most. You will get:

  • One 75-minute virtual session

  • Unlimited messenger access to ask questions leading up to your race

  • A personalized fueling plan that includes what, how much, and when to eat/drink during your race

  • Sports nutrition product suggestions and discounts

  • A timeline for practicing the plan and how to troubleshoot issues

  • How to fuel in the days leading up to the race, during travel, etc.

  • A plan for the morning of the race

How Does the Program Work?

This is a one-time, 75-minute intensive call during which we will discuss in detail how to fuel for your race. At the end of the call, you will have a detailed race day fueling plan specific to you, as well as a timeline for practicing this strategy leading up to race day. We will not discuss day to day fueling, but topics covered include:

  • What your training and race day timeline looks like

  • What you have tried with fueling in the past

  • How to build up to the perfect race day plan

  • What your race course will have to offer at aid stations, how frequently they're placed on the course, etc.

  • Troubleshooting any potential issues

  • How to fuel while traveling

  • Fueling the days before, night before, and morning of your race

  • Hydration strategies

Who is Race Day Nutrition Planning For?

This one-time intensive session is for athletes who have a big race coming up and are looking for race day fueling guidance. Because the race day fueling plan needs to be practiced prior to the race, this is only available for athletes who are at least 1 month out from their race. Athletes who would benefit most from this session are those training for:

  • Full or half Ironman

  • Ultras

  • Marathons

  • Multi-stage cycling

What Can I Expect From the Program?

Athletes who have developed a race day fueling plan with me have reported:

  • Feeling more knowledgable about sports nutrition products

  • Fewer or no GI issues during their race

  • Feeling less stressed and more confident on the start line

  • Decreased risk of cramping or bonking

  • More likely to meet their goals, achieve a PR, and feel great doing it!

Interested in working with me to create your personalized race day fueling plan? Schedule a free exploratory call today!

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