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1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Interested in taking your training to the next level? My 1:1 Nutrition Coaching programs are highly supportive, immersive programs that offer 1:1 virtual sessions with me, a professional runner and accredited sports RD.​

I create customized plans to fit YOUR needs and goals, and meet you where you are so we can work together to help you build long lasting fueling habits.

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Performance Nutrition Basics: this program is for those looking to learn how to develop sustainable nutrition habits and who want to focus primarily on fueling for performance. This program includes:

  • 3 months of 1:1 nutrition coaching​

  • 4 nutrition coaching calls (one every 3 weeks)

  • A personalized fueling plan tailored to your training, racing, and day to day schedule

  • Fueling guide for before, during, and after training sessions

  • Race day fueling plan (if needed)

Health & Performance Essentials: this program offers a higher level of support and is for anyone who feels stuck dealing with health symptoms that are interfering with performance. This would include anything from chronic fatigue, ongoing GI issues, poor blood work, lack of a period, thyroid issues, etc.. This program includes:

  • 4 months of 1:1 nutrition coaching

  • 8 nutrition coaching calls (one every 2 weeks)

  • Full lab work ups that may include a comprehensive blood panel, a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), a GIMAP (stool test), or a DUTCH test (to look at hormone levels)

  • Personalized fueling plan created using the results of the lab testing and tailored to your training, racing, and day to day schedule

How 1:1 Coaching Programs Work

Step 1: Apply and schedule a free exploratory call.

This free 15-30 minute call is designed for us to get to know each other! During the call, we will further discuss your goals, what areas of nutrition you're interested in working on together, and determine if we are a good fit. The application helps provide some basic information prior to the call so I can best serve you and your goals. Following the call, if I have determined that we would be a good fit, you will receive an email with the program recommendation for you based on what we discussed and an invitation to enroll in the program.

Step 2: Program on-boarding

Once we decide to move forward with the 1:1 coaching and which program is the best fit for you, you will get invited to the client portal and complete some forms so that I can build your individualized plan and make sure you get the most benefit from our time together. This includes:

  • An intake questionnaire so I can determine your specific fueling needs

  • A food log and general idea of your training and racing schedule

  • Any lab work that may be relevant

  • Access to the client portal, which is where we will communicate moving forward

Step 3: 1:1 Coaching Sessions Begin

After analyzing your intake forms and discussing more background during our first call, I will build a plan for you based off of your specific needs, training/racing schedule, day to day schedule, food likes and dislikes or allergies/intolerances, and more. What you'll get:

  • A new way to approach fueling (no calorie or macro counting, food measuring, etc)

  • A fueling plan that includes meals and snacks

  • Easy recipes for busy athletes

  • How to fuel before, during (if applicable), and after training

  • Goals and action items uploaded to your client portal so you can keep track of what we're focusing on between each session

Step 4: Setting and Meeting Your Goals

Together, we will come up with small, attainable goals between each session that will continue to change throughout our time together. We will continue to build off of those during each coaching call, and ultimately get you to a place where you can reach your performance goals and create a healthy relationship with food that will last a lifetime! The support you'll get:

  • Submit pictures of your plates for feedback

  • Ask questions via messenger at any time

  • Ways to track progress

  • Education so you understand the why behind the recommendations

1:1 Coaching Programs FAQ

What Topics Do We Cover?

Every athlete is different, so the topics we will discuss vary from athlete to athlete based on individual fueling needs. However, here is a non-exhaustive list of what we can discuss:

  • Fueling before, during and after training

  • Meal planning with a busy schedule

  • Understanding lab results

  • Hydration needs

  • Nutrition for recovery

  • RED-S

  • Coming back from an injury

  • Managing GI issues 

  • Navigating food allergies or dietary restrictions

  • Nutrition for travel

  • Race Day fueling

Who is 1:1 nutrition coaching for?

Any endurance athlete looking to improve their overall health and performance! Athletes that would be a good fit include:

  • High school athletes

  • College athletes

  • Post-collegiate professional, elite, or sub-elite athletes

  • Master's athletes

  • Weekend warriors

  • Those training for a specific race such as a marathon, ultra, Ironman, etc. or racing season such as cross country, indoor or outdoor track

  • Someone building back from an injury

What is the difference between the program options? 

The Sports Nutrition Basics program is a good fit for someone who is looking to fine tune their approach to fueling so they can feel and perform their best. This program is a great option for an athlete getting ready for an upcoming race or season of training, or has been dealing with issues such as low iron, poor performance, fatigue, soreness, RED-S, or relationship with food.

The Health & Performance Essentials program is designed for someone who has been struggling with persistent and stubborn health related symptoms that are also impacting performance. This person may have gone to see multiple doctors, only to be told that "everything looks fine" and leave the appointments more lost or confused. They may deal with chronic fatigue, sluggish metabolism, lack of or irregular periods, headaches, muscle soreness, multiple bone related injuries, persistent GI issues, or hormone imbalances. This program offers more support and takes a deeper dive using functional lab testing to better understand what's going on.

What can I expect to gain from the program?

Athletes who have work with me have reported:

  • Increased energy levels during and outside of training

  • Less stress around fueling and more confidence in fueling choices

  • Experienced less soreness, fatigue, and injury

  • Improved relationship with food

  • Fewer or no GI issues during training or racing

  • More tools for fueling when stressed, busy, or not feeling hungry

  • Improved sleep quality and more stable mood

Interested in working together? Sign up for a FREE 15-30 minute exploratory Zoom call and fill out a Fueling Forward Nutrition Coaching application today to see if we would be a great fit!

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