Marathon Participants

Take your training to the next level with the services offered by Fueling Forward!



Using a technique called ISAK, Fueling Forward offers body composition testing that can provide insight into your current nutrition, lean body mass, and injury risk status. This can help you track your progress throughout the season and find the optimal body composition at which you feel and perform your best.


ISAK stands for the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry. This is a unique form of body composition testing that includes a number of skin fold and circumference measurements. The sport specific "high performance" ranges are evidence based and can indicate areas for improvement as well as risk for injury. 


ISAK provides much more insight into fitness and nutritional status than other forms of body composition testing. The ISAK technique allows us to see site specific changes indicating muscle development and can show how strength is developing throughout the season. In addition, there are research based parameters specific to different sports that can tell athletes, coaches, and trainers what areas of improvement need to be made.  

  • Track your progress throughout the year

  • Find the body composition at which you feel and compete your best

  • Reduce risk for becoming injured

  • Tailor your nutrition and strength training to achieve your unique body composition goals 



Fueling Forward can work with you one-on-one to develop an individualized nutrition plan that fits your sport and competition season. Together, we can come up with realistic, personalized goals that will help you optimize your training and recovery so you can reach your peak fitness level. 

  • Initial Evaluation: before coming in, you will answer some questions that give us a better idea of what your nutrition looks like. When you come in, you will be provided with your estimated nutrition needs and together we will assess how your current nutrition is meeting these needs. We will then develop a fueling strategy that works for you and your training goals!

  • Follow-Up ConsultationsAfter giving you time to implement the plan from our initial visit, we will evaluate how it is working for you and make any changes necessary. Your personalized sports nutrition program will be based on your needs and may include the following: 

    • Meal planning

    • Interpreting nutrition related lab results​

    • Hydration needs

    • Nutrition for recovery

    • Coming back from an injury

    • Managing GI issues 

    • Navigating food allergies or dietary restrictions

    • Supplement use

    • Before, during, and after workout fueling plan

    • Nutrition for travel

    • How to navigate nutrition with a busy schedule



Are you tackling an event for the first time? Are you a seasoned veteran looking for a new PB? No matter who you are, Fueling Forward can help! Together, we can dial in your pre, during, and post competition nutrition to give you that extra edge on race day and help you accomplish your goals.


Fueling Forward provides several timeline options to help you with fueling leading up to your big day or competition season. We will meet for an initial assessment to discuss what your fueling strategy currently looks like and how this is meeting your nutritional needs. We will then come up with a fueling strategy together so you can get the most out of your training leading up to race day.

  • 12 week plan: We will meet at 12 weeks, 8 weeks and 4 weeks leading up to your big event. Additionally, we will meet the week of your event to develop a Competition Day Nutrition Plan (see below). This package includes 4 sessions.

  • 8 week plan:  We will meet at  8 weeks and 4 weeks leading up to your big event. Additionally, we will meet the week of your event to develop a Competition Day Nutrition Plan (see below). This package includes 3 sessions.

  • 4 week plan: We will meet at 4 weeks leading up to your big event. Additionally, we will meet the week of your event to develop a Competition Day Nutrition Plan (see below). This package includes 2 sessions. 

  • Competition Day Nutrition Plan: Together, we will develop a fueling plan that includes 24 hours before, day of, and during event nutrition and hydration needs. If you would just like a competition day plan, this would be included in one session. Topics we cover will be based on your individual needs and may include: 

    • Hydration strategy

    • Nutrition timing

    • Using sports nutrition products

    • Nutrition for "bonking" 

    • Managing GI issues 

    • Navigating nutrition while traveling

    • Nutrition for recovery



Fueling Forward can provide group education and counseling sessions on a variety of sports nutrition topics to sports teams, training groups, clubs, gym members, or any other group of training individuals.


For group nutrition education sessions, I will meet with you to discuss the areas of sports nutrition you feel your team would benefit from. Together, we can come up with a topic that will be the most beneficial to your team and encourage them to focus more on their fueling. Below are some topics that have been used in the past:

  • Basic Sports Nutrition

  • Nutrition for Recovery

  • Vitamins & Minerals for Performance

  • Nutrition and Bone Health