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Fueling Forward is here to support endurance athletes of all ages and levels! If you're looking to improve performance, overall health, and your relationship with food, I can help. Read on to learn more about the individual, group and team options.


1:1 Nutrition Coaching

These programs are for any endurance athlete looking to find an individualized approach to fueling while receiving 1:1 support from a professional runner and accredited sports RD.


Group Coaching

My group coaching programs are perfect for any high school or college athlete looking to learn more about fueling for performance. This 12-week program will help you gain confidence in your fueling choices so you can get the most out of your season.


Race Day Fueling Plan

This one-time session is for athletes who need a fueling plan for a big race or event coming up. During your call with me, we will develop a personalized race day plan that includes what products to use and when/how to use them, fueling leading up to the race, and more.


Team Nutrition Education

This service is for a coach, parent, or teammate looking for a team-based nutrition education session. You will work with me to design the perfect presentation or series of presentations to help educate your athletes so you can keep them healthy while getting the performance results you want!


Self-Paced Program

Not ready to commit to nutrition coaching? I also offer a lower cost, self-paced program to help you find a place to start when it comes to making fueling changes. Take the guessing out of your fueling with the Simple Start program today!

Food is fuel, and all foods fit!

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